Monday, January 20, 2014

Pittsburgh Pirates (88-73)–2nd Place NL East


Editor’s Notes:  Manny Sanguillen always seems to be happy, which is probably why the Bucs re-acquired him and why Steeltown fans still embrace him 35 years later.  Looks like Dave May and Doe Boyland posed for the same photographer minutes apart from each other.  The Blyleven and Frye are colorizations that I worked on.  Worst of the bunch is the Cito Gaston airbrush job that was used for his 1979 card.  I searched high and low to find a shot of him in a Bucs uni but came up woefully short and decided not to knock myself out on a guy who played just 2 games for the Bucs in ‘78 and retired after the season.

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  1. Hey there - love your site. You and I actually had the same idea for updating the 1978 Topps set. I plan on going live with a site in the next week or so that, among other things, will include a 1978 Baseball page featuring both original Topps cards as well as creations. If it is OK with you, I have used a number of your creations, providing credit and a links to your site. Once I go live, I will send you the link - please take a look and cannibalize anything you need. When it first goes up, it'll have only the AL (seems we had the same idea), but I have all the NL images ready to go and should add a team every several days or so.