Thursday, December 13, 2012

Forgotten A's

A few more obscure or forgotten A's from their '78 season of horrors were found and added.  Sadly, many of these players do not have photos posted anywhere or photos in decent condition.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone can find a better photo for me to update Woodard, Skaggs and Meyer.

Found this out of focus shot from a minor league collection.  Quality was so bad it was near impossible to add A's colors.
Came over from the Giants and was traded right after he was featured on the cover of the Sporting News (this photo).
 Had a stint in Minnesota and Chicago but never really broke through.  I couldn't find a photo of him with Oakland, so I did a lot of customization on his 1974 Twins card, which included a "Hat Transplant"
 Not too many good photos of backup minor league catchers
This grainy B&W shot was all that I could find for this career minor league utility man.

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