Monday, December 10, 2012

1978 Topps Preview

By 1978 the "fat cats" from 1 Whitehall Street were a true monopoly.  Because of that they got a little lazy and dipped heavily into their two shortcuts:

  • Airbrushing uniforms and caps
  • BHNH (Big Head No Hat) views
The most apparent of this would be the Mike Phillips card.  The afforementioned utility infielder was traded mid season 1977 to the Cardinals from the Mets.  No reason for him not to have a 1978 card with a normal photo picturing him in a Cardinal uniform.  Instead Topps issued an airbrushed card that converted his Mets cap into a crayola-ed Cardinal Cap.  His uniform was colored gray, but had no logo.  The background was obviously Shea Stadium.  Here, side by side is a little comparison of Topps' original work and my touch up.

This project is aimed at adding cards for players who played during the 1978 season, but did not card or had one of these horrible airbrush or BHNH cards.  I will be updating this team by team for use by the ARAIG league as we replay the 1978 season using DK Sports Action PC Baseball.

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